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Apprenticeships can benefit an organisation in many ways by providing a motivated, skilled and loyal workforce.

They help to improve your business' productivity enabling you to become more competitive.

80% of employers who employ Apprentices say they make their workplace more productive.

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Apprenticeships are work-based training programmes that are specifically designed around employers. They combine practical experience with theoretical knowledge, helping your staff learn all the skills of the job and gain nationally recognised qualifications.

They consist of a vocational qualification, technical certificate and key skills and are built around national frameworks developed by Sector Skills Councils for each occupational sector.


Apprenticeships are available for anyone aged over 16 years, from school leavers to experienced workers.

For those just leaving school, an Apprenticeship is a great opportunity for them to work alongside your experienced staff, whilst gaining the relevant qualifications.

For existing members of staff that you feel would benefit from the structured training programme Apprenticeships offer, this is a chance for them to gain a nationally recognised qualification.


Our dedicated Business Development Team will give you advice, guidance and support now and throughout your employee's training.

They will be there to deal with any queries you have and give regular feedback and progress reports on your employee. We can:

  • Give information and advice on a wide choice of Apprenticeships.
  • Design and develop bespoke Apprenticeship programmes to suit your workforce requirements.
  • Deliver flexible programme start dates throughout the year.
  • Offer flexible training methods such as online training and assessment.
  • Give you access to your employee's online portfolios, reviews and progress reports.
  • Provide classroom learning from subject specialists complementing workplace training.
  • Offer training and assessment on employer premises.
  • Recommend potential Apprentices from our pool of current skilled learners.
  • Help with shortlisting and interviewing of candidates.

We will work with you to understand your requirements and advertise your vacancies free of charge.

We can also pre-screen candidates and can help with selection and interview to save you time and help you to find the right people.


If your Apprentice is under 19, the training in the Apprenticeship is free* to your business.

If your Apprentice is over 19, there may be a fee to be paid.

Depending on the age and experience of your Apprentice they will be paid a minimum of £2.68 per hour (c. £102 per 38 hour week); this will include their hours at college.

As skills develop employers may wish to increase wages. In the construction industry training grants may be available to help with costs towards training.

* Correct at time of publication, conditions apply.


These combine a Level 4 work-based qualification such as an NVQ alongside a knowledge-based qualification such as a Foundation Degree.


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Our dedicated Business Development Team is here to answer any queries you may have.

Call 01670 841268 or email training@northland.ac.uk


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