Our University Partners




University of Cumbria

We have a strong and supportive partnership with the University of Cumbria and we draw on their expertise to develop and deliver higher education programmes which meet the diverse needs of the local population. There are many similarities between Cumbria and Northumberland as both have extensive rural areas with scattered populations mixed with larger towns many of which face significant challenges due to the decline of traditional industries.  Programmes have been developed in health and social care, working with children and young people, counselling practice and event management.  Future development will focus on the key areas of science, technology, engineering and manufacturing.   Through this close working partnership the college and university will continue to deliver programmes which develop the higher level skills required to support economic growth in Northumberland.




Newcastle University

We have recently developed a new partnership with Newcastle University resulting in the development of a comprehensive range of Foundation Degrees in Science( Agriculture, Animal Management, Equine Studies, Arboriculture and Horticulture).  These programmes are based at our land-based campus at Kirkley Hall and we value the support and expertise that this well-established university has to offer in the development and delivery of these programmes which support us to meet the needs of the rural economy in Northumberland.
Huddersfield logo
University of Huddersfield

We are proud to be part of the teacher education consortium based at University of Huddersfield. The university is a Centre of Excellence for Teacher Education and has an excellent reputation for innovation and development.  We deliver our teacher education courses in partnership with the university and a number of other further education colleges in the North of England.   This consortium provides excellent opportunities for staff development and this results in a highly skilled teaching team who have a wealth of knowledge and experience to share with their trainees.